Sushi Packaging Box-Custom luxury LOGO Printed disposable plastic anti fog transparent lid takeaway bento box

disposable plastic sushi container food Tray
Material:PET or PS
Feature:Disposable, High durability, Anti-fog transparent lid, Variety of size, Variety of colors and film printing
Use:Sushi, Snack and more
Usage:Food Packing, Restaurant, Take away, To go, Super Market


Plastic Sushi Tray

Sushi packaging boxes are specially designed containers used to package and transport sushi,
a popular Japanese dish made from vinegared rice, seafood, and other ingredients.
These packaging boxes are tailored to preserve the freshness, presentation,
and quality of sushi during transportation from restaurants to customers or for takeout purposes.

Food Grade Material

PET food grade material, safe and healthy smell.
The color is bright and glossy.

Reminder: PET material, can not be used above 60°C

High Transparent Anti-fog Cover

The cover has high transparency and visibility
Good, the anti-fog effect is good, it can be better
The effect of presenting the food in the box

Raised Lid Design

The lid design of the sushi box satisfies each
The size requirements of the sushi.
coverAfter the lid, the lid does not touch thosushi,
can keep sushioriginal shape

hide button

Hidden button design, buckleEasy to buckle, fasten,
not easyfall off.
Lid top designThere are positioning slots for easy stacking.
Not easy to drop.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are samples free?

Small amounts of existing samples are free. Shipping costs and customized sample charges are for customers’ account.

2. What is your sample lead time?

It takes around 3-7 days to get existing samples ready. Customized samples lead time is subject to customers’ special requirements.

3. Do you offer custom packaging?

Yes, customized packaging service is available, which is our strength. Your logo or branding can be incorporated into the packagings.

4. How to ensure the correct rate of design?

Before placing the order, we will send you the design draft for confirmation in firstly, next to check the sample effect again, and then carry out to the mass production.

5. What is your standard production lead time for each order?

Our typical production lead time would be around 15-45 days, subject to the order size, packaging way, peak or slack season etc..

6. How to ensure the products quality?

Owing advanced equipment, The QC staff will be regularly checking the products in production and count the products in stock every day. Making sure that every items is qualified.

7.Are you factory?

Yes, we are factory, but not just a factory, as we have sales team, own designers, own showroom, can help buyers to decide which products are their best choice.

8.What countries do you export to?

USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Italy, Australia, Thailand, The Philipines, Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc.

Have a question for our team? You came to the right place! Our customer support team is at the ready to help with your order, product, or business related queries.

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